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Wed Nov 19 00:30:58 IST 2008

On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 11:53 PM,  <achu.kulangara at gmail.com> wrote:
> Finally Anivar's version of the incidents also appeared.  It does not differ
> much from that of other witness on the spot, except his denial on the
> reported outburst that 10 posters will be posted for each one removed.

Thanks Hiran & Anivar. Mobile Video is clear. So Lies will not work. I
feel you are trying to subvert points raised by him

Our Campaign is just a Continuation of Campaign for Document Freedom
and Campaign for Open standards in general and Ongoing Campaign
against software patents .  The posting mela on FSF-Friends &
FSF-Bangalore only shows some of them does not have enough exposure in
Free Software. At least they must understand Novell- Microsoft
partnership hazardous to free software community compared to Indo-US
nuclear deal  to India

> For the sake of further analysis, let me consider Anivar's version alone.
> He agrees that they have prepared the posters at CUSAT computer center.
> There was no opposition from any of the organisers.

I thought SMC was controlling the hall in which Localization track happened

> He agrees that they have posted the poster on Novell's flex out side the
> entrance of the exhibition stall and Novell guy asked them to remove it.
> Upon the complaint from the Novell, the organisers are forced to prevent the
> protesters from such activities.

Earlier you were saying it was anivar alone. And it was "anivar
incident" Now you changed to 'they'. Good. keep changing.

what you mean by "such activities"? Posting in ILUG cochin Stall? or
MES students posting in their stall? It is all about freedom of
expression Anil, and stil you people are acting like novell is the
master to order to organisors.

> The remaining thing happened is as per the dynamics of a quarrel between two
> groups. If individuals involved in the quarrel reacts with emotions the
> tense will be more.

Is it the reason for your refusal to address the issue when anivar
called you before getting things worse.

> If Anivar is having any regard for the freedom he cherish and preaches with
> respect to software, he should not have pasted the posters on the Novell's
> property.

What prevented Organizers from removing the posters from Novell's
property and servicing your master. Anyway it is a better step than
man-handling. It is very clear that you planned an attack on peaceful
campaigners than removing posters from novell's banner and praising

> Regarding his personal accusation against me, let me make one thing clear.
> Even though, myself and Anivar can work together on a common minimum program
> of promoting software freedom, I did not subscribe to any thoughts that led
> Anivar to deny freedom of other agencies.

It is very much visible in anivar's post that he always tried to make
good output from the programme.  The campaign's concern is protecting
new users from novell's evil targets. You must apologise to free
software community & to him personally for defending Novell by
violating basic human rights of protesters. I am sure anivar will
cooperate with you in any campaign to promote Free software.

Let me remind Free Software Community Demand again

SMC urges the organisers of the event to aplogize to the community on
this dreadful alliance with the notorious Novell Corporation and the
way the organisers treated Free Software Campaigners.

Deepa Paul
Research Scholar
IIITM, Hyderabad

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