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Tue Nov 18 23:53:12 IST 2008

 Finally Anivar's version of the incidents also appeared.  It does not
differ much from that of other witness on the spot, except his denial on the
reported outburst that 10 posters will be posted for each one removed.

For the sake of further analysis, let me consider Anivar's version alone.

He agrees that they have prepared the posters at CUSAT computer center.
There was no opposition from any of the organisers.

He agrees that they have posted it on the flex showing program chart. No
body from organisers questioned them.

He agrees that they have posted the posters at various places where
conferences takes place. The organisers does not denied their right to

He agrees that they have posted the poster on Novell's flex out side the
entrance of the exhibition stall and Novell guy asked them to remove it.
Upon the complaint from the Novell, the organisers are forced to prevent the
protesters from such activities.

The remaining thing happened is as per the dynamics of a quarrel between two
groups. If individuals involved in the quarrel reacts with emotions the
tense will be more.

If Anivar is having any regard for the freedom he cherish and preaches with
respect to software, he should not have pasted the posters on the Novell's

Regarding his personal accusation against me, let me make one thing clear.
Even though, myself and Anivar can work together on a common minimum program
of promoting software freedom, I did not subscribe to any thoughts that led
Anivar to deny freedom of other agencies.

- Anilkumar K V
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