[Fsf-friends] on FSF should distance itself from undemocratic????

Rahul Computerwala devilsadvocate4free at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 21:17:15 IST 2008

May I know the crime committed by me or FSF India ?

*The clarity which is needed at this moment is the crime commited. Why one
of the members from FSF-I says he will use the platform even if there is
Microsoft conference while the other says why Novell???? If FSF-I is well
communicated and transparent organization then why this DOUBLE SPEAK??? I
have told this earlier also but some people aren't reading other mails
except of posting their mails. Why is it FSFI folks take convenient personal
positions and then different official positions and everything is confusing
so much. *

Why was the camera of students were captured and images were removed?

*If anyone is trying to disrupt the peaceful and good conference and id you
appease them naturally some people who may feel offended and I know its part
of one of the mistakes done by volunteers. But noone will keep quiet as an
individual if someone is trying to disrupt the functions in our house. I
thought it was the same for them too.*

Would this issue have been got out of control if the organizers allowed
peaceful protest by putting some posters?

* *

*Being part of this conference I saw how peaceful the protestor was. I was
there in the stall to witness it. Trying to put it up the stalls even though
certain stall owners were quiet interested. And I could clearly see what the
protestor/s could get when I saw the article in some magazines about these
things. I could clearly see the mileage and as in Bangalore experience I
know that Anivar is known for such stunts and now again as always he is
using this platform which few others for there own personal gains. Condemn
this intention and well preparedness of hampering such a positive

* *



Why Anil or other organisers did not respond when Anivar called him to come
and resolve the issue?

*My Question is, were protestors a bit patient enough to wait for the
organizers to come, as they will naturally be busy in organising some or the
other events???? Or was this protest a drama to create something for
themselves. Some mileage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

Some people seems to have some interest in showing this as a CPIM - FSF

India fight. It is very easy to create David and Goliath and derail the

*First clear the double speak and then ask questions who is creating what.
Without being clear themselves I don't see this statement having any
relevance. And as far as fight with political party and FSF-I goes I have
been regular reader and I think this was started by one of the FSF-I members
isn't it???. Anivar, sasikumar and matthew are ones who create this fight.
FSF-I and some whole free timers have created such a David – Goliath issues.

* *

*That's why I say. Without being clear don't comment. This would not have
any ground. These comments does nothing but creates confusion within FSF

* *

*With lots of questions on some of very confusing answers*

* *

*Devils Advocate for free software movement*

* *

*Rahul Computerwala*
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