[Fsf-friends] a clarification needed

Arun M arun at gnu.org.in
Tue Nov 18 08:24:03 IST 2008

Dear All,

 Again a personal note, nothing related to FSF India(expect last para).

> Though I expressed solidarity immediately i knew of this. I need a
> clarification. 'Novell' signs were put up in the venue earlier. Dr Nagarjuna
> was on the dias.

FSF India or FSF has any untouchability to Novell as far as we know.
Dr Nagarjuna was invited for a program and he spoke. I was invited,
I participated.
Even if Microsoft gives us a slot we will go and speak.
There is no issue in that.

I hope this answers your question.

> Did Anivar inform you folks earlier itself..which could have sorted out
> things peacefully or only things were informed after confrontation.

I hope Anivar will respond to this. I would add that protest was completely
peaceful expect  for treatment Anivar and some students received.

> However I did  see in the venue  and in slashdot that very senior free
> software foudation folks act without restraint and like any regular flamer
> which is unfortunate.

If you are referring to James, he is an employee of FSF India and he does not
have any capacity to talk on behalf of FSF India. So dont try to take put
that in FSF India's name.

Each member of FSF India board may have their own opinion. That can not
become FSF India's opinion unless FSF India board approves it.
I dont see any point in dragging FSF India into this discussion.

FSF India was not part of the conference though some board members participated
in the event. Our participation is no way an endorsement to the conference.
FSF India do have its own stand on the conference. Please note that
this has nothing
to do with what happened.

with regards,

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