[Fsf-friends] a clarification needed

Senthil Sundaram (sensunda) sensunda at cisco.com
Tue Nov 18 09:53:25 IST 2008

Dear Arun,

Thanks for taking time to answer a newbie like me. My replies inline.


> However I did  see in the venue  and in slashdot that very senior free

> software foudation folks act without restraint and like any regular 
> flamer which is unfortunate.

If you are referring to James, he is an employee of FSF India and he
does not have any capacity to talk on behalf of FSF India. So dont try
to take put that in FSF India's name.

Each member of FSF India board may have their own opinion. That can not
become FSF India's opinion unless FSF India board approves it. I dont
see any point in dragging FSF India into this discussion. FSF India was
not part of the conference though some board members participated in the
event. Our participation is no way an endorsement to the conference.
FSF India do have its own stand on the conference. Please note that this
has nothing to do with what happened.

>> yes there is a personal and official..however things can get very

0) this is a request : if we can avoid 'hijack' mails even in personal
capacity ... Show restraint... Especially by senior folks..it might help
avoiding unnecessary conflicts...especially when its becoming a pattern

1) yes we should communicate better and we will do our best for this

2) but many times...there were only hurdles in bangalore..you have said
that you want to meet the comptuer center..we were heckled most of the
time....and a feeling of being looked at with some kind of
disdain..there was a feeling of lack of transpernecy as you said....we
50 people who came to the conferenece....did not purposefully bring it
out in the interest of the group ( as we believe in restraint for the
larger cause) ... And as you said communication could solve it..so our
restraint worked...and our efforts to communicate helped..rather than
blowing our top in public.

3) we can do all the discussion internally and work on conflict
resolution than confrontation

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