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On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 5:21 PM, Senthil Sundaram (sensunda)
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> hi Arun ,
>  thanks for that personal note.
> Though I expressed solidarity immediately i knew of this. I need a
> clarification. 'Novell' signs were put up in the venue earlier. Dr Nagarjuna
> was on the dias.

> Did Anivar inform you folks earlier itself..which could have sorted out
> things peacefully or only things were informed after confrontation.

I think anivar have the capacity to do campaigns in his personal
capacity and he already shown that in a lot of other Civil society
campaigns like Free Binayaksen campaign http://binayaksen.net , Kerala
Tourism Watch http://keralatourismwatch.org etc. Does anivar
Representing FSF India in Conference? The Conf website says  he is
represesenting SMC in Programme Commitee. So I am Quoting from SMC's

Members from SMC were part of the Programme Committee and the Souvenir
Committee. There were no indication that Novell was the platinum
sponsor of this Free Software Event. The organisers never communicated
about the sponsorship and thus betrayed the whole Free Software
community as Novell did. This is evident from the incidents that
occurred after the peaceful campaign to boycott Novell by the SMC
members & other Free Software Supporters present at the meeting.

SMC members including Anivar Aravind, Shyam, Hiran, Suresh, Jaisen and
many others were busy in the first day with Localisation track (full
time) and sessions. After knowing Novell's role SMC members planned a
peaceful awareness campaign on second day urging end users to boycott
Novell and posted a Charge sheet against Novell. However, the
organisers, primarily the CUSAT bureaucrats & Members of Students
Union, (who does not have much exposure in Free Software) were harsh
with the protesters after a verbal complaint from one of the Novell
official present at the stall.

quoted http://fci.wikia.com/wiki/SMC/StatementOnNCFS2008Kochi

> However I did  see in the venue  and in slashdot that very senior free
> software foudation folks act without restraint and like any regular flamer
> which is unfortunate.

You have all rights to keep your view. But others have all freedom to
act different than your expectation

> my report and take on the incident in kochi conference and the frequent
> flames seen in the recent days.
> http://slumdweller.wikispaces.com/kochi+conference
> in solidarity
> S
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