[Fsf-friends] a clarification needed

Sri Ramadoss M shriramadhas at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 23:24:51 IST 2008

// why did the protestors want to be a part of the conference
especially after the huge useless racket they created prior to the
conference? They were proved wrong on all counts they raised.
Was it due to the fact that they wanted some mileage out of it?
Possible. Bangalore has many examples to tell.
Why was FSF-I not a part of the conference? Then why did the FSF-I
leadership sit on the dais?
Why not have the protest on the first day rather than the last? Why
was it not announced in advance? The workshops may be an excuse but
not a convincing one.
I very clearly remember hearing the organiser tell that they were
willing to provide an open forum.. Why was this not utilised?
Whenever questions are asked FSF-I prefers to give some vague reply
like "we will clarify shortly.." and then no word after that or prefer
to keep mum all together.
This is getting very undemocratic and cannot continue for long.//

That was a good event in my opinion, till I was there watching
Mohiniyattam, Duruyodhana Vadham in Kadhakali - imagined it to the
Vadha of Propritary Software :-)

And Yechury's speech on flow of enormous funds with sovereign
governments having no control on it was also thought provoking. Just
thought a bit odd when SFI members shouted slogans when he reached the
Big Hall.. But felt that tend to happen in a Commie ruled state.. such
things do happen every where.. and need to tolerated as long as its
within a limit.. that was tolerable :-)

It brought lot of people whom We would have met only on mailing lists..

Second day? Appear lot of things have happened. Let things get settle
down & Duruyodhana Vadham begin ;-)


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