[Fsf-friends] Use of Windows by some speakers

Sunil Thomas Thonikuzhiyil vu2swx at gmail.com
Sat Dec 13 23:37:08 IST 2008

Hi Arun

On Sat, Dec 13, 2008 at 8:52 PM, Arun M <arun at gnu.org.in> wrote:

> There is another side to your argument, many are now not able to say
> anything against free software, even if they are secretly using
> proprietary software.
> It is a victory to some extend  (not sufficient).

 It is out of fear and   looks Stalinist.   We must educate people on the
perils rather than secretly using it.

> >   I  pointed out at the venue that the JavaFX technology is not available
> on
> > the free platform. But the speaker quickly wound up and declared it is
> time
> I was under the impression that it a free software.
> https://openjfx.dev.java.net/
> Now I understand that it is only partly free.

     Nice to see  your statement admitting the folly.  I am also looking for
Javafx license. Can any of the listers enlighten.

   Was there any peer review in selecting topics . Or was it done
arbitrarily. I have written another article on closed source papers. See it
 I hope all the listers will agree with me.

> for lunch.  There were some prominant activists around . No one came
> to support me at the venue.

Next time on dont worry even if there is no other activist around or
> you are not getting support.
> If you think what you are doing is correct, raise your voice, protest.
> At least some
> of us will be with you and you would have educated many others who
> were in that hall. I can assure
> you that you wouldnt have been manhandled.

    I feel I am getting lot of flak for pointing it out on my blog. Hope the
local "fanatics" won't manhandle me.

>     I think I also have some freedom in pointing out mistakes on my blog.

Absolutely, my objection is not to the issue you raised, but the generalist
> statements you have made, which only helps to malign all those who are
> seriously
> working for the promotion of free software.

     I did generalize for pointing out the follies.  But several people on
the lug tvm  list feel that I am targeting them.    Of late, my  interest in
FOSS had declined  due to my other hobby.  Now I am fully charged.:D

Sunil VU2SWX

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