[Fsf-friends] Use of Windows by some speakers

Arun M arun at gnu.org.in
Sun Dec 14 00:19:21 IST 2008

>> I was under the impression that it a free software.
>> https://openjfx.dev.java.net/
>> Now I understand that it is only partly free.
>      Nice to see  your statement admitting the folly.  I am also looking for
> Javafx license. Can any of the listers enlighten.

See the link above, JavaFX compiler and part of the library is GPLv2.

>      I did generalize for pointing out the follies.  But several people on
> the lug tvm  list feel that I am targeting them.    Of late, my  interest in
> FOSS had declined  due to my other hobby.  Now I am fully charged.:D

You are welcome.

with regards

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