[Fsf-friends] Use of Windows by some speakers

Arun M arun at gnu.org.in
Sat Dec 13 20:52:37 IST 2008

Dear Sunil,

> war going on at ilug Trivandrum  I just wanted   convey that there are lots
> of guys jumping  into the bandwagon ( Mainly on policy matters) with out
> properly understanding the philosophy.  They use  free software as a
> propaganda tool and secretly use Closed source.

  Yes, it true for any social movement which is becoming mainstream.
Every one wants to be seen as free software person even if they dont
believe in it.

There is another side to your argument, many are now not able to say
anything against free software, even if they are secretly using
proprietary software.
It is a victory to some extend  (not sufficient).

>   I  pointed out at the venue that the JavaFX technology is not available on
> the free platform. But the speaker quickly wound up and declared it is time

I was under the impression that it a free software.

Now I understand that it is only partly free.

> for lunch.  There were some prominant activists around . No one came forward
> to support me at the venue.

Next time on dont worry even if there is no other activist around or
you are not getting support.
If you think what you are doing is correct, raise your voice, protest.
At least some
of us will be with you and you would have educated many others who
were in that hall. I can assure
you that you wouldnt have been manhandled.

>     I think I also have some freedom in pointing out mistakes on my blog.

Absolutely, my objection is not to the issue you raised, but the generalist
statements you have made, which only helps to malign all those who are seriously
working for the promotion of free software.

with regards,

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