[Fsf-friends] [Fwd: [Free-gis] Gis Morphix ready]

Sajith VK sajithvk@hotpop.com
Sat Feb 7 11:29:14 IST 2004

	I am glad to announce that the Gis Morphix,
a morphix based GNU/Linux distribution for GIS works
is now ready.
	It includes Gis applications like GRASS5.7, thuban,iGmt
etc.Few applications for scientific computing including
maxima,gnuplot,octave etc are also included.  Postgressql database
is available.

	All applications like office suite(Openoffice), Mailclient
(Evolution) etc are included, so that it is enough for all your
	Being a morphix clone, It can be used as a Live CD,
ie you can use it even without installing. Installing it 
into your hardisk is also simple.

Above all, latest version of mapserver is included, and we
have made a sample server to demonstrate the power of Mapserver.
So when you boot the CD, it shows the demo site in a browser.
The data for the sample site is from Frida project. 

"Freedom Matters"
Sajith VK

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