[Fsf-friends] Eyewitness account of the Linux monopoly trial

Soundara Rajan N.S searchlight@sancharnet.in
Wed Feb 4 21:20:42 IST 2004

Eyewitness account of the Linux monopoly trial

Washington DC, January 31, 2014 -- Riot police have finally managed to beat 
back the milling throng of displaced Visual Basic programmers who attacked 
the courthouse after Judge Cotter Kathelly announced that Linux was not an 
illegal monopoly and that neither Linus Torvalds nor his company, Linux 
Development, Inc, owed damages to former employees and shareholders of 
now-bankrupt Microsoft or to any of its business partners.

- by Robin 'Roblimo' Mille
(Reporters Stephen Glass and Jayson Blair contributed to this article)


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