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Could someone help Prof Gangavane? Prof, I wish the term used would be 
GNU/Linux (rather than just the kernel's lable of 'Linux', which lacks the 
strong emphasis on ethics and freedom. FN

On Sat, 7 Feb 2004, vibhavari vasant pandit wrote:

> To, 
Respected Sir/Madam
		Sub :- Demanding suggestion about summer school.
	We are going to conduct Summer School at panhale (Lanja) Ratnagiri.  This summer School is held during the month of May. The Summer School will be a 1-Month condensed introduction of a Vocational Course that is meant to prepare the student to be a Productive Self Reliant Knowledgeable Computer Craftsman who has leaned the Art of Working with Free Software for Productive use in the Society, covering all important Areas of human life. These students would have tasted the Freedom and Honesty and Continuous Learning that is involved in working with Free software, and would have imbibed the work culture of independent and autonomous self-learning made possible by the free access to the wealth of software and documentation available on the internet. It also engenders in them the spirit of freely giving back to the society in kind.
Syllabus of course is enclosed with this letter.  Kindly send your suggestions on this id vgangavane@rediffmail.com  or contacat on this telephone no.(02351) 230749 & (02351) 230824.

One Month Course Contents
1.	Computer Fundamentals - Computing with a Desktop PC
2.	What is Free Software, Open Source , Linux ? 
3.	System features - Design and Philosophy of Linux. 
4.	Text processing and word processing. 
5.	Programming languages and utilities. 
6.	Graphical Desktop - X Window System. 
7.	Introduction to Networking and Communications.  
8.	World Wide Web.  
9.	Differences between Linux and other operating systems.  
10.	Hardware requirements.  
11.	Obtaining and Installing Linux  
12.	Generic installation - Partitioning.  
13.	Hardware Compatibility Issues 
14.	Features of Installed Linux System 
15.	Console commands, Indirection and Piping 
16.	Desktop Programs 
17.	Downloading, Copying and Installing Programs 
18.	Linux Distributions - Red Hat Linux.  
19.	The RPM package management system.  
20.	Problems with installation  
21.	Understanding Login accounts. 
22.	Shells and Executing programs.
23.	Home directory and Working in Linux 
24.	The Linux File System  
25.	The root user and Permissions 
26.	Jobs and processes.  
27.	Background processes and Daemons.  
28.	Text documents Using the vi editor. 
29.	HTML documents with vi editor. 
30.	TeX dcuments with vi editor.  
31.	Shell environment and scripts.  
32.	Creating,Archiving and compressing files.  
33.	Upgrading and installing new software. 
34.	Application Binaries and System files. 
35.	Text processing using GUI Applications 
36.	Indian Language Fonts and Documents. 
37.	Images and Image Editing 
38.	Sound and Text to Speech 
39.	Linux Desktop Multimedia 
40.	Devices and Mounts in Linux
41.	Serial, Parallel and USB devices 
42.	Printing, Scanning and Camera 
43.	Networking and Host names 
44.	Configuring TCP/IP on the system.  
45.	Dial-up Modems, PPP and Internet.  
46.	Linux Console and gui programs. 
47.	Tricks and Shortcuts. 
48.	The linux culture.
Yours Faithfully
Vasantrao Gangavane

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