[Fsf-friends] Volunteer and Biz directory.

Arun M arun@gnu.org.in
29 Aug 2002 21:54:12 +0530

Hi All,

  A Volunteer and Biz directories have been added to FSF India site.

"The Free Software Foundation of India is an organization run mostly 
 with the support of volunteers. If you agree with the objectives of 
 FSF-India, as described on the home page, and would like to contribute
 your services as a volunteer, please register here. Please do    
 specify the areas where you think you can contribute, so that when 
 the organization is in need of your expertise we may contact you for
 your help."


"One of the objectives of the Free Software Foundation of India is 
 to bring together free software users and businesses. This business  
 directory is an effort in that direction.

 If you run a free software business or service, and would like to 
 be listed in our directory, please register here."