[Fsf-friends] Mail Clients

Ramakrishnan M gnu@vsnl.net
29 Aug 2002 08:07:08 -0400

On Thu, 2002-08-29 at 03:41, Tapan S . Parikh wrote:
> Basically I am looking for a simple, fast, graphical browser with decent
> bells and whistles but still stores mail in mbox format with easy to
> navigate (from the shell) folder structures.

Evolution has all the things you are asking for, except that it takes a
lot of time for startup on my 300 mhz P2. It has good configurable
filters, calender etc etc (which many of us may not use). One thing I
didn't like about it is that the way to:, Cc etc are handled is still a
bit crude. I was unable to change the Cc button to Bcc button easily.
Aside from all these, it is evolving and is already a mature reader.

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