[Fsf-friends] Mail Clients

Tapan S . Parikh tap2k@yahoo.com
Thu, 29 Aug 2002 13:11:16 +0530

Im asking for advice about mail clients for Linux.  I used to use pine, but
I think Ive outgrown it now.  In the last week Ive tried the following two
options.  Im not happy with either, and Ill give the reasons why.

* Balsa
	- not very robust, error-prone
	- not multi-threaded - locks up when checking / sending mail
	- doesnt expunge messages until you close Balsa
	- weird glitches w/ flagging and read/unread status
	- not alot of bells and whistles I would like (searching, etc.)
	- positive is that its mailbox structure and organization is very

* KMail
	- i didnt like the mbox organization where there are all these
	weird .file directories and structures that are very difficult 
	to navigate from a shell
	- im not a kde (gnome all the way!) guy and keeping up with new
	releases of kde / kmail would be a pain

Basically I am looking for a simple, fast, graphical browser with decent
bells and whistles but still stores mail in mbox format with easy to
navigate (from the shell) folder structures.

Any advice from out there?  (please cc me directly also as sometimes it is
a while before i read the messages that come to me in digest form)

-- Tapan