[Fsf-friends] O'Reilly newsletter (new books, etc)

Khuzaima A. Lakdawala klak@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in
07 Aug 2002 19:48:05 +0530

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> Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2002 13:25:47 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Marsee Henon <marsee@oreilly.com>
> To: basit@basit.yi.org
> Subject: Newsletter from O'Reilly UG Program, August 5
> O'Reilly User Group Program
> Newsletter
> August 5, 2002

Without meaning any offence, may I suggest that messages like the one
above be forwarded to fsf-dev or fsf-prog, if at all, rather than

The list information page for fsf-friends states:

    This is the principal support list of FSF-India. This is an open
    list which invites questions, proposals, suggestions, comments and
    constructive criticisms in aid of the FSF-India's activities,
    based on its mission, principles and basic decisions.

Surely, an O'Reilly newsletter aimed primarily at developers doesn't
qualify for this list.

While on the subject, may I also request that international "news"
from the "open source" and "linux" fronts not be posted here but to
fsf-discuss instead?

Our List Administrators have taken the trouble of creating and
maintaining a range of lists for different purposes. Let us use the
appropriate lists instead of sending everything to fsf-friends.

We need to keep fsf-friends focused on advocacy and related activities
of FSF-India. In the course of our advocacy we might need to refer
fsf-friends to people who don't have a developer's perspective but are
simply end users who would like to know more about software freedom
without getting confused by technology and terminology. We should make
sure that fsf-friends remains friendly for such people too.