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Subject: Newsletter from O'Reilly UG Program, August 5

O'Reilly User Group Program
August 5, 2002

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Highlights This Week:
***Book News***
-IPv6 Essentials
-iPhoto: The Missing Manual
-Mastering Regular Expressions, 2nd Edition
-Perl Pocket Reference, 4th Edition

-Protecting Privacy with Translucent Databases
-O'Reilly's 250th Book on Safari
-Top 100 Power Picks
-2002 OSCON .NET Report
-The Rotor Architecture Revisited
-Making the Python Cookbook
-Promiscuous Mode Problems
-Flash on Mobile and Embedded Devices
-Top Ten Web Performance Tuning Tips
-2002 OSCON Java Wrap-Up
-10 Reasons We Need Java 3.0
-Wanted: Bioinformatics User Groups
-Dissecting .Mac
-Jaguar: Time to Stop Pussyfooting Around

Book News
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weeks for shipping. Send or email me copies of your newsletters and
book reviews.

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Press releases are available on our press page:

***IPv6 Essentials***
Order Number: 1258
"IPv6 Essentials" provides a succinct, in-depth tour of all the new
features and functions in IPv6, guiding you through everything you'll
need to know to get started, including how to configure IPv6 on hosts
and routers, and which applications currently support IPv6. This book
will help you plan for, design, and integrate IPv6 into your current
IPv4 infrastructure.

Chapter 2, "The Structure of the IPv6 Protocol," is availble for free

***iPhoto: The Missing Manual***
Order Number: 365x
Apple's wildly popular iPhoto software is a gorgeous digital shoebox
for downloading, organizing, printing, publishing, and touching up
unlimited numbers of digital photos. In this comprehensive, witty
guide, authors Pogue, Schorr, and Story give iPhoto 1.1 the one feature
it lacks: a manual. With this guide, Macintosh fans can take their
digital photos to the screen, to the Web, to printouts, to hardbound
photo books, even to DVDs. And they'll learn how to take iPhoto far
beyond its seemingly simple feature list. But the software is just the
beginning. The book also covers choosing and mastering a digital
camera, basic photographic techniques, and tips for shooting special
subjects like kids, sports, nighttime shots, portraits, and more.

Top Ten iPhoto Tips

***Mastering Regular Expressions, 2nd Edition***
Order Number: 2890
Regular expressions are an extremely powerful tool for manipulating
text and data. They have spread like wildfire in recent years, now
offered as standard features in Perl, Java, VB.NET and C# (and any
language using the .NET Framework), PHP, Python, Ruby, Tcl, MySQL, awk,
Emacs, and many other popular tools and languages. If you don't use
regular expressions yet, you will discover in this book a whole new
world of mastery over your data. If you already use them, you'll
appreciate this book's unprecedented detail and breadth of coverage. If
you think you know all you need to know about regular expressions, this
book is a stunning eye-opener.  http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/regex2/

Chapter 8, "Java" and Chapter 9, ".NET" are available free online:

***Perl Pocket Reference, 4th Edition***
Order Number: 3749
"The Perl Pocket Reference, 4th Edition" provides a complete overview
of the Perl programming language, all packed into a convenient,
carry-around booklet. It is updated for Perl 5.8, and covers a summary
of Perl syntax rules, a complete list of operators, built-in functions,
and standard library modules, all with brief descriptions. Also
included are the newest Perl features, such as enhanced regular
expressions, multithreading, the Perl compiler, and Unicode support.

For a complete list of Perl titles, visit:

News From O'Reilly & Beyond

General News
***Protecting Privacy with Translucent Databases***
Could translucent databases have helped Yale protect its data?

***O'Reilly's 250th Book On Safari***
"IPv6 Essential" is a Safari milestone--it is O'Reilly's 250th book in
the subscription-based web service that lets you search hundreds of
best-selling technical titles.

Sign up now and get your first 14 days on Safari free.

***Top 100 Power Picks***
The editors of "Enterprise Systems" have selected Tim O'Reilly as one
of the Top 20 IT Leaders in its annual Enterprise Systems Power 100
issue. The awards look at top influencers, forces, technologies, and
products in large enterprise computing.

***2002 OSCON .NET Report***

***The Rotor Architecture Revisited***
Microsoft's Dave Stutz reports on activity around the Rotor project,
which was recently refreshed. Besides .NET developers diving into the
CLI source code, teachers and students are using it for compsci
curriculum development, Microsoft is working on a project to add
generics, and as reported on these pages, "diverse porting activity in
the wild" has been sighted.

Open Source
***Making the Python Cookbook***
Putting together such a collective work presented some unique
challenges. We recently spoke to the book's two editors about the
community effort involved in creating the Python Cookbook.

Python Cookbook
Order Number: 1673

***Promiscuous Mode Problems***
Noel Davis looks at a vulnerability in PHP; buffer overflows in Cisco
IOS, Fake Identd, HylaFAX, and EnGarde Secure Linux's resolver
libraries; and problems in the reporting of Promiscuous Mode by the
Linux kernel, Sun Fire servers, chfn, chsh, Pine, GNU Mailman, and the
VNC challenge and response.

Web Development
***Flash on Mobile and Embedded Devices***
Developers take note: the market is growing!

For related reading check out:

ActionScript: The Definitive Guide
Order Number: 8520

J2ME in a Nutshell
Order Number: 253x

***Top Ten Web Performance Tuning Tips***
In the world of Web publishing, lots of effort goes into building
functionality, and to some degree into designing the user interface,
but performance tuning is often overlooked in the mad rush to get to
the next project. Here's a terrific list of top ten performance tips
from Patrick Killelea, author of "Web Performance Tuning, 2nd Edition."

Web Performance Tuning, 2nd Edition
Order Number: 172X

***2002 OSCON Java Wrap-Up***

***10 Reasons We Need Java 3.0***
It's now seven years since Sun posted the first public release of Java,
and it is showing its age. There are many parts of Java that everyone
agrees should be fixed, but can't be for reasons of backwards
compatibility. Elliotte Rusty Harold imagines a "Java 3" that jettisons
the baggage of the last decade, and proposes numerous changes to the
core language, virtual machine, and class libraries.

***Wanted: Bioinformatics info***
Do you know of any bioinformatics groups? Know anyone who does? Have
you read a good bioinformatics article lately? Please let me know at

***Dissecting .Mac***
Current iTools enrollees have felt conflicting emotions about Apple's
announced move to .Mac, with its annual pricing structure. Here's a
look at the services being offered, and their value, from an
experienced user's point of view.

***Jaguar: Time to Stop Pussyfooting Around***
Debates about Apple's marketing of Mac OS X, upgrade pricing for
Jaguar, and the viability of the Switch campaign are distracting us
from what's important: it's time to move forward with this operating
system as quickly as possible.

Until next time,