[Fsf-friends] [ilug-goa] revolution :) (fwd)

Frederick Noronha fred@bytesforall.org
Wed, 7 Aug 2002 09:31:20 +0530 (IST)

A young student-friend from Goa, Ajoy Kunkolienkar, recently put out this
post. Could we do something to encourage such thinking? Any further
development of the CD-for-engineering-students plan? FN

---------- Forwarded message ----------

hi everybody!

  i've been trying some stuff over the last week which prompts me 
to post this mail...
  what i'm basically trying to do is to create an option or rather 
highlight an already existing option to the student community.
   in any course in computer science , the subjects of RDBMS ,OOP 
, Networking and software engineering are common .. and they form 
the scope of the Bsc compute science course offered by various 
colleges affltd. to the GU.
  Most of the colleges (almost all) use MS windows as the default 
platform for conducting practicals in the above subjects.I tried 
doing otherwise ie. using *Linux* for all practicals and by doing 
so, i hoped to give others a choice too..

  i tried the foll. combinations , but some have shortcommings.. 
can someone help me out with them?

  SUBJECT           TRADITION           LINUX REVOLUTION ;)       
  -------           ---------           ------------------       
  OOP(c++)          Turbo C++           GCC(G++) + vi           

  RDBMS             Vb+Oracle8i         PHP+MySQL               
**see bottom

  HTML              ie                  netscape                

  Networking        BSD sockets(GCC)      same                    
no change

  S/w Engg.         MS.Project          Mr.Project              


* I downloaded david 1.02  which is supposed to be a full fledged 
c/c++ IDE for Gnome .. but it takes a hell lot of time to start 
and it crashes very very frequently..  Arvind Y. is supposed to 
provide me Anjuta .. guess that can be a good option to TC++ ..
**  i tried the MySQL 3.22 server ( too old?? ) everything works 
fine but 3.22 dosent support checks ,views and foreign keys. 
(emulates foreign keys)  can someone suggest a replacement??? i 
cant get my hands on Oracle 9i for linux ..that could be a 
solution i guess..
*** Can anyone suggest any good case tools for linux??

hoping for a reply,



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