[Fsf-friends] [ilug-goa] revolution :) (fwd)

Khuzaima A. Lakdawala klak@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in
07 Aug 2002 11:38:45 +0530

> **  i tried the MySQL 3.22 server ( too old?? ) everything works 
> fine but 3.22 dosent support checks ,views and foreign keys. 
> (emulates foreign keys)  can someone suggest a replacement??? i 
> cant get my hands on Oracle 9i for linux ..that could be a 
> solution i guess..

"Oracle 9i for linux" is proprietary software. It is not a
solution. It is the problem!

The well-meaning young fellow finds nothing wrong in suggesting such a

This is the unfortunate consequence of spreading "linux" the wrong
way. Nobody probably told this young chap about GNU and software

The "linux" advocates love to say that once we get people to use
"linux" they will *automagically* find out about freedom! Yeah, right!
By using "Oracle 9i for linux!"

Spread the message, people, not the OS. It is far far more important
to talk about software freedom than to plug for "linux". Please ensure
that we don't take any part in replacing one problem with
another. Please ensure that we don't leave behind a constituency that
thinks that "Oracle 9i for linux" is a solution rather than the

Khuzaima A. Lakdawala