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On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 6:23 PM, justin joseph
<justinjoseph007 at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 2/22/09, Juan Carlos Gentile Fagundez <jucar at hipatia.net> wrote:
>> I'm very interested to understand more on the topic "women and free software
>> in India"
>> As I could 'perceive' being in some events in India, the situation is a
>> little
>> bit terrible.
> Which are these events you have mentioned.

extra terrestrial interests :-)

>> Women absolutely separated not to say 'segregated'
>> This gave me the impression that not being talking to a group of activists
>> for
>> freedom since women was outside.
> When one abstracts the concept of freedom to "Free Software" alone,
> one will be blind to
> the issue that you have raised and to a lot of other burning issues in
> this Country.

The concept of Freedom  is not a  copyrighted to free software alone.
It have various dimensions  and various movements used to address this
issue in there own fields. I agree with you that a lot of burning
issues in this country that need to be addressed separately. But spare
this list for those discussions.

>> Was that just my perception and impression?
> Please research on the archives of this mailing list.
> You must be knowing that there are bigot soldiers on the march here to
> enforce an
> obsolete ideology.  Welcome to my country sir.
> IMHO "Women and free software" narrows down this issues to a level
> where things might
> blur and one might come to the wrong conclusions.

Oh You are cared about Conclusion and analysed it as wrong .. great!!

> You can ask more direct questions, like how many of you gentlemen here
> make their own food(atleast help women in the kitchen), how many wash
> their own clothes, how many here pay the maid sevant a decent salary,
> how many have taken dowry to marry, how many have seen women as
> equals.. and so on and so forth.

Please do it in some other list. leave us from spamming And I think
this is not a men's only list to ask such questions

Deepa Paul

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