[Fsf-friends] women and free software

justin joseph justinjoseph007 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 22 18:23:36 IST 2009

On 2/22/09, Juan Carlos Gentile Fagundez <jucar at hipatia.net> wrote:
> I'm very interested to understand more on the topic "women and free software
> in India"
> As I could 'perceive' being in some events in India, the situation is a
> little
> bit terrible.

Which are these events you have mentioned.

> Women absolutely separated not to say 'segregated'
> This gave me the impression that not being talking to a group of activists
> for
> freedom since women was outside.

When one abstracts the concept of freedom to "Free Software" alone,
one will be blind to
the issue that you have raised and to a lot of other burning issues in
this Country.

> Was that just my perception and impression?

Please research on the archives of this mailing list.

You must be knowing that there are bigot soldiers on the march here to
enforce an
obsolete ideology.  Welcome to my country sir.

IMHO "Women and free software" narrows down this issues to a level
where things might
blur and one might come to the wrong conclusions.

You can ask more direct questions, like how many of you gentlemen here
make their own food(atleast help women in the kitchen), how many wash
their own clothes, how many here pay the maid sevant a decent salary,
how many have taken dowry to marry, how many have seen women as
equals.. and so on and so forth.

> regards
> juan
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