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On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 9:47 PM, Juan Carlos Gentile Fagundez
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> I'm very interested to understand more on the topic "women and free software
> in India"
> As I could 'perceive' being in some events in India, the situation is a little
> bit terrible.

> Women absolutely separated not to say 'segregated'

This is very true.  This is very common in India especially in
Kerala's "Progressive" society. ( I think you were in kerala most of
the time) . Free software communities may inherit this problem because
they are also part of the same patriarchal mail dominant society.

> This gave me the impression that not being talking to a group of activists for
> freedom since women was outside.
> Was that just my perception and impression?

Free Software Communities will not change everything suddenly top
down. Also the celebrity called "hacker" in Free Software model is a
Male . I dont think Free Software Philosophy is not a tool for
addressing/ bridging gender inequality in society.  It needs more
women , who can understand womens issues need to come to free software
front and need to address the issues that preventing their
involvement.  Also there are a lot of other factors need to be
addressed.  So lets finish is my point. Free Software is not that much
radical to change all existing social structures..  It will change
some. But not all.. For eg: It cant address oppressions of Caste ,
class  & gender.

Freedom is not coming as a package. we need separate fights on each
domains to claim it

Deepa Paul

> regards
> juan
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