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Dear Santhil, I forgot many important things in my mail.

India is a case I don't know. As i said I don't speak any of your languages :( 
even if I love your country. India is the country where I'll like to live.

Anyway let me tell that for us south-americans where i know how things are, we 
need to thanks the left wings.

In India I don't know, I can not, it is too far from me. For that was my mail 
to Nagarjuna too. Then.... I ask to you sincerly excuses to not have 
explained that before.

Take my answer as a south-american answer. Things can be the same or the 
opposite. Maybe we can hear more opinions.


On Friday 07 August 2009, Juan Carlos Gentile Fagundez wrote:
 >I think this is better to go public, since i'm answering to you and
 > forwarding some the persons that also were in the original mail.
 >On Friday 07 August 2009 07:27:13 am you wrote:
 > >Hi
 > >
 > >My name is Senthil and I volunteer for fsmk.org. This is just a question
 > > out of curiosity.
 >Nice to meet you and to try to satisfy your curiosity (I'll add at the
 > bottom the original mail i answered to Nagarjuna, since that is also an
 > important topic.
 >Also I have a curiosity , do you work for cisco?
 > >I was interested in the tensions between Marxist groups in Venzuela and
 > > free software.
 >here i have a second curiosity. Is that what you think in India?
 >Can you give me some information? This is the first time i hear something
 > like that. And in my personal experience working as adviser in pdvsa for
 > the migration, I have the oposite experience. Are normally the right wing
 > persons that are going against the movement.
 >Do you know president Chavez? He is left. He did the decree 3390. Did you
 > know that? Maybe you are lacking of information.
 >Do you know president Rafael Correa from Ecuador? Well that is also the
 > left wing and he is absolutely commited with free software.
 >Do you know also Fernando Lugo from Paraguay? He is also from the left
 > wing, and also commited with free software.
 >In my personal experience the groups stopping the real thing are the right
 >wing groups. Let me explain something. Who knows about free software in
 >Venezuela is mainly a rich person, to know something about fs you need to
 >have networking and so on specially in this countries. Then before Chavez
 > who had network was what today is 'opposition'. In fact this right wing
 > persons don't like too much that was Chavez from left wing that really
 > took care of Free Software. Then this kind of community don't want to
 > spread knowledge to the poors (the poors normally are left wing - at least
 > in this countries :) In fact they try to keep the important positions also
 > in the government being deeply inside oposition, then doing nasty things.
 >Many ministeries bought oracle, cisco and so on. That is very bad.
 > >Do the Marxist groups really contribute to free software and have they
 > > adopted strong positions. Do they really help the free software
 > > movement.
 >Lets say the right wing groups had damage a lot and continue doing this.
 >Read my answer to nagarjuna asking him a very important thing for us. TO
 > >We see a lot of tension in India between these groups and was wondering
 > > if there is a pattern in the way these things work worldwide.
 >Maybe the patern is the one of fight for freedom and equality between
 > humans. At least that is are the left groups from the south.
 >I hope to have answered to you, because this is the first time i've seen a
 >question like that -> l " was interested in the tensions between Marxist
 >groups in Venzuela and free software".
 >Please send me information since if this is what arrives to India as new,
 > many things are wrong. There will be some part some cracking to the
 > information.
 >warm regards
 > >Thanks
 > >senthil
 >---------------- my answer to nagarjuna before ---------------------
 >Dear Nagarjuna,
 >you are missing the point forwarding this 'noisy declaration'
 >This declaration was signed where? by 5 6 man?
 >what is that?, the comunities in south-america are only this ammount of
 >Remember, South-America where you've been once or twice, is far from
 >India, they dont speak english.
 >You remember me when I try to understand malayalam. I can not.
 >Will be better to be very informed how are things in the south.
 >I put in cc some man that i think you should meet, or not depending if
 >you want or not to understand how things are.
 >Martin Olivera -> president of solar.org.ar Free Software Association of
 >Diego Saravia -> author of ututo, the most important project on free
 >software in South- America. He also gave to rms a honoris causa by the
 >salta university.
 >Also Diego has been one of the creators of solar itself, and more, also
 >helped create ASLE , the ecuatorian Free Software Asociation, and also
 >SOLVE in venezuela. AS you see, he was one of the creators of the 80 per
 >cent of the Free Software Associations and also the important ones (of
 >course Brasil is not there).
 >Rafael Bonifaz -> worked for the Ecuatorian Government very commited
 >with free software, one of the creators of ASLE.
 >Then I think will be interesting to talk to the communities
 >thanks very much


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