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I think this is better to go public, since i'm answering to you and forwarding 
some the persons that also were in the original mail.

On Friday 07 August 2009 07:27:13 am you wrote:
 >My name is Senthil and I volunteer for fsmk.org. This is just a question
 > out of curiosity.

Nice to meet you and to try to satisfy your curiosity (I'll add at the bottom 
the original mail i answered to Nagarjuna, since that is also an important 
Also I have a curiosity , do you work for cisco?

 >I was interested in the tensions between Marxist groups in Venzuela and
 > free software.

here i have a second curiosity. Is that what you think in India?
Can you give me some information? This is the first time i hear something like 
that. And in my personal experience working as adviser in pdvsa for the 
migration, I have the oposite experience. Are normally the right wing persons 
that are going against the movement.
Do you know president Chavez? He is left. He did the decree 3390. Did you know 
that? Maybe you are lacking of information.
Do you know president Rafael Correa from Ecuador? Well that is also the left 
wing and he is absolutely commited with free software.
Do you know also Fernando Lugo from Paraguay? He is also from the left wing, 
and also commited with free software.

In my personal experience the groups stopping the real thing are the right 
wing groups. Let me explain something. Who knows about free software in 
Venezuela is mainly a rich person, to know something about fs you need to 
have networking and so on specially in this countries. Then before Chavez who 
had network was what today is 'opposition'. In fact this right wing persons 
don't like too much that was Chavez from left wing that really took care of 
Free Software. Then this kind of community don't want to spread knowledge to 
the poors (the poors normally are left wing - at least in this countries :)
In fact they try to keep the important positions also in the government being 
deeply inside oposition, then doing nasty things.
Many ministeries bought oracle, cisco and so on. That is very bad.

 >Do the Marxist groups really contribute to free software and have they
 > adopted strong positions. Do they really help the free software movement.

Lets say the right wing groups had damage a lot and continue doing this.
Read my answer to nagarjuna asking him a very important thing for us. TO PUT 

 >We see a lot of tension in India between these groups and was wondering if
 > there is a pattern in the way these things work worldwide.

Maybe the patern is the one of fight for freedom and equality between humans. 
At least that is are the left groups from the south.

I hope to have answered to you, because this is the first time i've seen a 
question like that -> l " was interested in the tensions between Marxist 
groups in Venzuela and free software".

Please send me information since if this is what arrives to India as new, many 
things are wrong. There will be some part some cracking to the information.

warm regards


---------------- my answer to nagarjuna before ---------------------

Dear Nagarjuna,

you are missing the point forwarding this 'noisy declaration'

This declaration was signed where? by 5 6 man?
what is that?, the comunities in south-america are only this ammount of

Remember, South-America where you've been once or twice, is far from
India, they dont speak english.
You remember me when I try to understand malayalam. I can not.

Will be better to be very informed how are things in the south.

I put in cc some man that i think you should meet, or not depending if
you want or not to understand how things are.

Martin Olivera -> president of solar.org.ar Free Software Association of
Diego Saravia -> author of ututo, the most important project on free
software in South- America. He also gave to rms a honoris causa by the
salta university. 
Also Diego has been one of the creators of solar itself, and more, also
helped create ASLE , the ecuatorian Free Software Asociation, and also
SOLVE in venezuela. AS you see, he was one of the creators of the 80 per
cent of the Free Software Associations and also the important ones (of
course Brasil is not there).
Rafael Bonifaz -> worked for the Ecuatorian Government very commited
with free software, one of the creators of ASLE.

Then I think will be interesting to talk to the communities

thanks very much




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