[Fsf-friends] Statement of FSF India board on recent incidents

sandeep reddy linux.sandy at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 18:42:22 IST 2008

>2. Was the "National Free Software Conference" in Kochi a follow-up to the
conference held in Hydrabad in 2007?
> No, it cannot be considered so. FSF India came to know about the `Second
National Conference in Kochi` only when the organisers started sending mails
to various fora about the >conference. We were surprised to see this because
FSF India was one of the organisers of the first conference in Hyderabad. We
tried to communicate with the organisers of the >conference in Kochi and
clarify the situation. The facts will be clear from the communications we
had with them in that regard that we are publishing now.
>After the communications from FSF India, the organisers removed the
reference to the first national convention organised by FSF India and
renamed the convention in Kochi as >simply the 'National Free Software
>The Organisers of the event continued to refer to their event misleadingly
as the followup to the first convention organised in Hydrabad by FSF India,
jointly with Swecha and >University of Hyderabad.
The one question that came to my mind after reading that post was,
'Does one name an event based on the people organizing it or based on
the kind of event being organized?' Does your above stated answer mean
that only if FSF India is part of the organizing team, an event can be
called a National Conference from now on? Why are you refraining from
accepting the 'National Conference in Kochi' as a follow-up to the
conference held in Hyderabad, is still not clear.

I have not seen any active and live participation by  FSF-I
in any other place but the mailing list here, where you
actively participate in warding of the blames put forth on you or
simply criticize and comment on other's work. This is really annoying,
the position you hold requires you to set an example to all those looking up
to you. Don't  mind me suggesting but i think it would be much appreciated
by all of us if we could get to see some constructive work
from your side.
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