[Fsf-friends] Statement of FSF India board on recent incidents

tina celia gnu.tinux at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 17:47:56 IST 2008

Words from Gitanjali coming back to mind.
> "Where knowledge is free
> Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic
> walls"

Time and again the above lines are being quoted, it dates back to ages
and has its own relevance, but here's a new thought that belongs to
today's world;
Wake up oh country to the rising of a new call,
Oh stretch out your wings and reach out to all,
Than being clustered and so forlorn,
Reach out to the thirsty before they be gone...

I guess the point is clear now. Unless the waters diversify into
streams and rivers they cannot flow out to the millions and quench
their thirst, yet again they flow back and unite to form one water
body. Which then seems to reach out, the gigantic ocean or the stream
at hand???

>1. Who organised the First National Conference on Free Software held in Andra Pradesh in 2007?
>As part of FSF India's effort to strengthen the free software movement in AP, FSF India has been working closely with free software activists there. Initiatives like Swecha took >place as part of that. FSF India Director, Mr Kiranchandra provided the leadership for the activities in Andhra Pradesh. Based on his suggestion and his initiative, FSF India decided >to organise a national convention of free software activists. Under his leadership, FSF India worked with other organisations like University of Hyderabad and Swecha to conduct >the first national convention.
>However due to the inexperience of the local organisers, the valedictory session became a platform for anti-free software propaganda. Some of the speakers invited for the >valedictory session used the opportunity to spread messages against Free Software. Though other speakers like Dr. Nagarjuna did try to correct the misinformation, the damage >could not, obviously, be fully undone.
>A free software event should support the free software cause, and that also means not lending its platform to the opponents of free software.
>Those opponents have lots of money, and hold far more events than we do, in which they promote their ideas. They are not entitled to neuter our events by becoming speakers >there.

I have been taken by surprise that being such eminent people of FSF
India your response to the National Conference held at HCU
unfortunately ends up like this. Having been a part of the Conference
is this all that you noticed or cared to mention about? It can be
stated without second thoughts that the first National Conference was
certainly a success, it brought out the true spirit of freedom among a
varied lot and spread knowledge in a new and unique way, to the extent
that there has been a great response ever since. The entire event and
those who worked so hard to make it such a success have been
appreciated by all. And you address them as "inexperienced local
organisers" ? I have not heard a word of praise ever pertaining the
event from you. This is seriously disappointing, it would rather have
been better if you would not have said anything at all, like you
remained all these months, than actually criticizing the event and the
efforts of the organizers.

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