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On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 7:56 AM, Roshan Phillip <roshan.phillip at gmail.com>wrote:

> Friends,
> I think it is high time for a change....we need a strong organization
> to take this movement forward. And for that we need a strong
> leadership. Nagarjuna, Arun etc are good..

Why cant you quote what they are good in and then proceed

> but their activities seem
> too localized.

Give examples

> On behalf of the free software volunteers

You are such a nice person taking burden of all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

> across the country,

first of know where and what people have contributed in our country

> i
> request the current leadership to step down gracefully, as it is high
> time for a change.

Hey atleast i consider i am a BACHHA ( small kid ) in FSM. i dont know the
people who speaks like above where they stand BACHOOO ( very small kid )

Dont try to open your eyes too broad , it will strain your eys and eye balls
may come out and may loose your sight ( close your eyes , open the door of
your mind and follow your heart ..............)

Anyways every now and then this kind of Comedies Happens ,, these comedians
thoughts and views need not have to be addressed as there is no any
------- may be he might have forgotten to put this node at the

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