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On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 7:56 AM, Roshan Phillip <roshan.phillip at gmail.com>wrote:

> Moreover, an organization cannot work in isolation. Kiran's close
> connections with the Communist Party can be and should be used for the

Activists of left organisations have real work at hand which could include
(a) doing an internal audit of all the work at hand in assessing existence
of proprietary solutions and standards in governance mechanisms and making
the bureaucracy to come out with firm migration plans, wherever Left enjoys
(b) initiation of immediate efforts towards free software solutions -  in
places like Kerala and Bengal,  for complete conversion (For instance, LSG
department in Kerala still promotes and funds proprietary solutions from
IKM, despite inviting CAG's adverse comments. Why not entrust the entire
work with OSS which has sufficient proven capabilities in the same area?),
(c) wherever credible presence is claimed, initiation of work with school
curriculum taking help and expertise from Kerala's  teachers association,
(d) training of all supporters to work and promote for Free Software and
Open standards.

Why should any organisation feel FSF-I is standing in the way for achieving
such goals ? On the contrary, without having any such credible
action-programmes declared  within own government, even when there are
evidences of collusion with proprietary solutions, such claims or references
to lead campaigns on behalf of FSF-I is definitely going to make FS
community tense, if not jittery. Is this not the right approach, or are
there better ways of achieving it ?

CK Raju
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