[Fsf-friends] FSF should distance itself from undemocratic, illegal, immoral and unjustifiable acts of protest.

Arun M arun at gnu.org.in
Tue Nov 18 17:33:00 IST 2008

> > 3.) what did arun do in his capacity as FSF Secretary to  dissolve the
> > situation during the conference. Was he organizing the protest? Was the
> > protest with the knowledge of FSF india?

Anivar tried to contact Anil and I tried to contact Mr Kiranchandra,
who were involved in organising this conference. Both of them
could not come and resolve.

If you want to know how organisers of exhibition treated us when we tried to

resolve the issue you  may also check up with Mr Vimal, SPACE or Mr Amarnath
chairman IEEE, Kerala chapter (and an invited speaker).

Request to put posters in two stalls by their owner were rejected.
It is very sad that freedom of expression, in peaceful manner, was
rejected in a conference on free software!!!

Only because of that we decide for a peaceful protest by siting down
in a corner, silent with posters in hand.

When Sri. Joy Job Kulaveli and Sri. Chandramohankumar Registrar, CUSAT,
demanded us to leave the place, (in a very undemocratic and arrogant
we left peacefully.

May I know the crime committed by me or FSF India ?

Why was the camera of students were captured and images were removed ?

Why is Novell's name is still not there on conference website even
when though they are the main sponsor of the event ?

Would this issue have been got out of control if the organisers allowed
peaceful protest by putting some posters ?

Why did Anil or other organisers did not respond when Anivar called him
to come and resolve the issue ?

Some people seems to have some interest in showing this as a CPIM - FSF
fight. It is very easy to create David and Goliath and derail the
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