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Anoop Jacob Thomas anoopjt at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 16:10:58 IST 2008

Discussion on Free Software Exhibition,

Although we are planning to conduct an Install Fest for the public for three
days, and few workshops on these days, we also feel that the Install Fest as
such will not do the job(to educate the public on Free Software), we need to
add some spice to it. We have thought of having a small contest for the
public, in which they may take a chit out of a box and if they can answer
the question on the chit, they will be given something for free (a CD and
few stickers), likewise we make sure they get to know the idea of Free

Still more ideas needed. Speakers who are willing to conduct a small
workshop/lecture on these days are welcome, please send us the details.

We cannot expect everyone who uses computers in their daily life to be
technologically sound. So it is not the technology alone which actually
matters. It is indeed important to educate the general public about the
philosophy of Free Software. Because most of the people who switch to Free
Software do not really understand what the great Movement is all about. They
do not know their rights and privileges which they get along with Free
Software. For many users, it is just another software like any other
proprietary software, while it is not so. We have to make them understand
that, technology is basically the same for both Free and proprietary
software, but since Free Software is open to changes by each one of us, it
can be made better to suit our needs and therefore, *Free Software is almost
always superior in functioning to proprietary software.*

We can put up some posters/charts which convey the basic idea of Free
Software through cartoons, in such a way that even those who are not
technologically sound in computers can understand the philosophical aspect
of the Free Software Movement. Those who are interested to contribute as
artists/cartoonists are always welcome. Or if you are not that confident
about your artistic skills you can put in just your ideas on how to convey
to the public the four main freedoms that Free Software gives and what Free
Software ultimately is.

If anyone has such kind of poster materials please forward it to my email id
(anoopjt at gmail dot com). Please upload it to the community also.

Anoop Jacob Thomas
Free Software Community
M: 9846670945
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