[Fsf-friends] National conference and related issues

Arun M arun at gnu.org.in
Mon Nov 17 15:35:34 IST 2008

Dear Friends,

   This is a personal note form my side.

What happened yesterday was really unfortunate. It was primarily a mistake
committed by
group of volunteers who had no clue of free software (they admitted that) or
what is the
issue being raised by Anivar and others.

Aroun 12 pm (dont remember exactly) we got call from anivar saying that he
was thrown
out of exhibition and few other students managing stalls were treated badly.

Amarnath Raja (IEEE Chair, Kerala), myself and Vimal tried to mediate with
of the exhibition, we requested them to allow protesters to put posters in
two stalls which
are managed by them. Our request was rejected and we were also treated
badly. This forced
us all to participate in a very peaceful protest near the venue. We sat down
peacefully and
then(may be after 1 hr) two organisers came and said they want to discuss
and resolve.
They said we can not sit there, we agreed.They also said they will enquire
into what happened.
Everything ended there.

Dont make more stories around this. Students who were manhandled and
threatened are
going to give complaints. I hope organisers will take action to ensure that
this is not repeated.
It is a lesson for organisers of other similar events also.

Had the organisers (of exhibition,) allowed putting up some small posters,
none of this issue
would have happened. (Exhibition seems to be done separately from main
event. That is what i was told.)

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