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On 7/17/07, Shakthi Kannan <shakthimaan at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 7/16/07, Mani A <a.mani.cms at gmail.com> wrote:
> > The Govt will
> > mysteriously continue to reduce spending on higher education too
> Can you show any receipts or links as to how much they spent, and how
> the students benefited from it?
You can refer to the different official reports or to the Economic and
political weekly for reliable  data. The Govt does spend a bit on
education. The present Govt has increased the spending. A problem is
the elitist bias in spending. Of the whole amount spent on education
too little goes for primary education.
> > b).  Research in the pure fields may
> > never be funded.
> When did people start doing "research" in India, and when/how/where
> was it funded?

The fact is that lot of research is done and often with very limited
or no grants. Both state and central universities do get some funding
for basic research from the State Govt, DST and other bodies. It is
not that all research happens by way of personal motivation alone.
> If you haven't read it already,
> http://shakthimaan.com/downloads/glv/shakthimaan-paper/shakthimaan-paper-presentation.pdf.

You are speaking about engineering education and FLOSS.


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