[Fsf-friends] india votes against ooxml

Linux Lingam linuxlingam@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Aug 24 00:17:39 IST 2007

> Whether this be a battle or a war, I believe Dr Nagarjuna deserves a
> great deal of credit for his tireless and painstaking work in making
> the facts available to the Government.

round of applause for nagarjuna, who i know has been personally
spending days and nights reading through stacks of documents and
collaborating with people to ensure india sticks to agreeable open
standards. kudos also to a lot of other people who've been working on
this for months and months tirelessly. way to go guys!

> Thanks Nagarjuna, beer/coffee's on me next time you're in Delhi :)

ah! nagarjuna's that will be at freed.in if not earlier!
as discussed a few weeks ago on the phone regarding your availability
and talk at freed.in. please register at the freed.in site with your
talk asap. today we noticed the slots are filling up rapidly.



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