[Fsf-friends] india votes against ooxml

Raj Mathur raju@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Aug 23 23:19:44 IST 2007

On Thursday 23 August 2007 20:04, Nagarjuna G. wrote:
> India votes against ooxml unanimously.  the decision of the committee
> was to disapprove ooxml with comments.  The final meeting took place
> today after 3pm for about an hour and half, and no voting took place.

Whether this be a battle or a war, I believe Dr Nagarjuna deserves a 
great deal of credit for his tireless and painstaking work in making 
the facts available to the Government.

Thanks Nagarjuna, beer/coffee's on me next time you're in Delhi :)


-- Raju
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