[Fsf-friends] Re: Please QuiT designs

Rajkumar S s_raj@flashmail.com
Sun Mar 14 19:08:20 IST 2004

Ramanraj K wrote:
> Reasoning is the only potent weapon that really helps to show the way 
> the truth.  This path does take time and patience but it is the only 
> path available for us.

Ah! Excellent!

If only some of the more lunatic members of FSF India Director board get 
this message.

If you cannot convince people about the merits of Free Software with 
logical reasoning, you better quit being a Free Software advocate.

Banning people whom we do not like will only perpetrate the view that 
Free Software people are the Cyber versions of Naxalites, killing people 
whom they dislike.

People sitting in responsible positions should never forget that what 
they post in the list is *the official* FSF India position on any 
matter. Imagine the "good" publicity we would have got in slashdot, if a 
story appears with the heading "FSF India to kick out OpenSouce people 
from it's lists"


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