[Fsf-friends] Please QuiT designs

Ramanraj K ramanraj@md4.vsnl.net.in
Sun Mar 14 10:17:09 IST 2004

  Rajkumar S wrote:

>>Guys who post  such  confusing
>>emails  suggesting  the  use  of  `Open  Source',
>>`Freeware', `Shareware' etc. should be  put on our watch
>>list and repeat offenders' mail should be blocked.
>Yes, this should be done with utmost priority.
>And even after banning from our list, if they harp about all
>these heretic stuff in other lists, we should even think of
>hiring some pretty good muscile men to beat the hell out of
>them. That will make these suckers to not even think of
>OpenSouce even in their wildest dreams!
In the ancient past, barbarians settled disputes in a strikingly similar 
way using muscle power :)  There is no need to go back to those times. 
 Reasoning is the only potent weapon that really helps to show the way 
the truth.  This path does take time and patience but it is the only 
path available for us.

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