[Fsf-friends] very poor image

Anwar anwar@hackermail.com
Wed Jun 23 04:53:59 IST 2004

Refering to dileeps mail:
I am  the webmaster of
FSF  India website. Unfortunately  I am  not a  good designer.  Also I
request  you  to  carefully   read  the  entire  site  before  sending
complaints. I  am sure you haven't  seen the site fully.  IAC, you are
the same person who send  allegations about SMC project and then later
regretted for doing so.

First of all I am refering to the GNU Head logo
that is present on fsf.org or gnu.org, I dont need
to send it to you. Get it.

Well I would say you are not a very good site designer.
Also till yesterday the site had a w3c html mark on it
and the check had showed it had 68 errors describing as not
strict, while all the others are described as not
transitional, with the errors ranging from 3-30.
I am not not sure if a page could keep its w3c
compliant logo while having many transitional

This is not my first mail about complaints about the

well I had recieved a mail from a guy from tifr claiming to be
the site administrator  saying that the problems I had
pointed would be rectified.
You might have also got the mail.

I could see how bad you are when i pointed that the 
all had a link to
, and the problem was rectified by creating another
link to all the individual archives
from http://fsf.org.in/mailinglists.html
Well the thing is that there are other places that
have link to individual mailing lists like fsf-friends.
What you have done is not rectification but I could
rather call it a detour to the archives so that you
could hide the errors. Really bad.
I think you dont know how to do it.

How come the fsf keeps amateurs as its webmasters.
Well I not saying that I am good because I dont know much
about web designing, but I hate things that are done
without perfection.

About SMC I still dont regret it.

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