[Fsf-friends] [Fwd]: Sign this petition and support free/GNUsoftware

Kapil Karekar kk@norrix.com
Tue Jun 22 14:13:08 IST 2004

On Tue, 2004-06-22 at 12:03, Raj Shekhar wrote:
> Mahesh T. Pai wrote:
> >  > Please sign this  petition and show your support  for free/GNU software.
> >  > Do not forget that Code is Law ....
> >  > 
> >  > http://www.PetitionOnline.com/amadeuus/
> Can we do anything more concrete than signing a petition ? 

Yes you can ... send a mail to iti.gabinete@planalto.gov.br to voice
your protest. 

Quoting elaine da silva:

The world's largest proprietary software company, owner of a true
worldwide monopoly on operating systems is trying to repress the use of 
Free Software within the Brazilian Federal Government. Microsoft entered
with an interpelation on the 15th of June against one of the greatest
fighters against the Brazilian technological enprisionment, Sergio
Amadeu da Silveira. Microsoft's demands come from an interview given by
Amadeu to the "Carta Capital" magazine, in this interview Amadeu
compares the ways proprietary systems vendors act with those of drug
dealers where "the first shot is always for free", probably in a
reference to a quote by Sun Microsystems' President (more on that later)
in which it's said that with proprietary software "we are given the
first verwion for free, sometimes we get addicted to it and start to pay
for further updates or new products acquisition, that's why I don't see
any difference between drug traffic and software traffic".

We all need to voice our opinion and make it public that we would not
bow down. I would request everybody on this list to send emails to
iti.gabinete@planalto.gov.br .

Kapil Karekar

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