[Fsf-friends] very poor image

Nagarjuna nagarjun@gnowledge.org
Sun Jun 20 15:23:43 IST 2004

On Sun, 2004-06-20 at 14:08, Anwar wrote:
> Well since everyone is celebrating the anniversary
> of the fsf-india, why dont I too celebrate the
> Occassion. But Whats there to celebrate about the
> formation of a non profit organization working in
> India that doesnt even know what its purpose is ?

Not at all clear what you are saying.  the site very clearly presents
links which write about the objectives on the very first page.  Any
specific suggestions, please send them to webmaster.

> I am refering to the official website of fsf-india.
> Is the fsf-india trying to hide the identity of
> what the Free Software Foundation began by Stallman
> was trying to do. The site mentions about advocating,
> promoting and propagating the use and development of
> swatantra software in India but nothing is told about
> the GNU Operating System and the GNU Project.

How did you miss all the links about the GNU project, right on the first
page?  Are you suggesting that we repeat exactly what gnu.org website

>  Is that
> all what fsf-india is about, to promote and propagate.  
> While the fsf.org has a mission to preserve, protect
> and promote the freedom to use, study, copy, modify,
> and redistribute computer software, and to defend the
> rights of Free Software users, the fsf.org.in only
> speaks of, is only a commitment.

This is because most people who are working are not sending articles,
news feeds to the web master.  Web master alone cannot create content,
the volunteers of FSF India should send content which the web master
will display and manage.  your accusation shouldn't be to the web master
but to all of us. 

What we need to do is to translate gnu.org in Indian languages and post
that content on the website.  We intive volunteers to send us
translations to the gnu.org pages in any Indian language. We recently
received a help to do translation in Kannada.  When those pages arrive
we will update the site.

> Then how come fsf-india has descided to help the
> sarovar in play-fair issue.
FSF India would help any organization that stands to fight for software
freedom.  Sarovar withdrew the fight, so we found out others who began
fighting and supporting play-fair which is now hymn project, and FSF
India will continue to support them in whichever way it can. 

> There is a poor attempt from the site to promote
> Free Software and what freedom is all about.
> The site must either post more pages about GNU System
> and give more direct links to other places where users
> could get more information about what fsf-india is all
> about.

True, whenever you think a link should appear please post it to the
webmaster.  You are free to make suggestions/criticism and a link to
that effect appears on the site if the suggestion was appropriate.

> The fsf-india is an emmissary of fsf. Then how come
> fsf shows itself as an indipendant organization adopting
> a different logo for its activities. The fsf-india didnt
> even bother to put up a GNU Head, the official logo of the
> Free Software Foundation anywhere on its site. It would 
> have been better if the GNU Head was kept alog side the
> chakra.

idea is good, we can do this. 

> Its been three years and it seems that the fsf-india site
> is managed by a person who is illiterate about what freedom
> and free software foundation means. Is the fsf-india 
> maintained by some site maintaining private company?
> Very poor image.

We are not boasting of our performance, and the annual celebration is to
remind ourselves and get together to get charged up.   Let us join hands
to improve the image!  Your GNUhead suggestion is a good one, likewise
send a few more to make the site look better, and most important do
somethng in your area to support the freedom and do send the news feeds
to the website so that they appear on the website.


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