[Fsf-friends] very poor image

Anwar anwar@hackermail.com
Sun Jun 20 16:38:02 IST 2004

Well since everyone is celebrating the anniversary
of the fsf-india, why dont I too celebrate the
Occassion. But Whats there to celebrate about the
formation of a non profit organization working in
India that doesnt even know what its purpose is ?

I am refering to the official website of fsf-india.
Is the fsf-india trying to hide the identity of
what the Free Software Foundation began by Stallman
was trying to do. The site mentions about advocating,
promoting and propagating the use and development of
swatantra software in India but nothing is told about
the GNU Operating System and the GNU Project. Is that
all what fsf-india is about, to promote and propagate.  
While the fsf.org has a mission to preserve, protect
and promote the freedom to use, study, copy, modify,
and redistribute computer software, and to defend the
rights of Free Software users, the fsf.org.in only
speaks of, is only a commitment.
Then how come fsf-india has descided to help the
sarovar in play-fair issue.

There is a poor attempt from the site to promote
Free Software and what freedom is all about.
The site must either post more pages about GNU System
and give more direct links to other places where users
could get more information about what fsf-india is all

The fsf-india is an emmissary of fsf. Then how come
fsf shows itself as an indipendant organization adopting
a different logo for its activities. The fsf-india didnt
even bother to put up a GNU Head, the official logo of the
Free Software Foundation anywhere on its site. It would 
have been better if the GNU Head was kept alog side the

Its been three years and it seems that the fsf-india site
is managed by a person who is illiterate about what freedom
and free software foundation means. Is the fsf-india 
maintained by some site maintaining private company?
Very poor image.

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