[Fsf-friends] From Madurai... forwarded.

Arun M arun@gnu.org.in
Tue Aug 24 16:33:49 IST 2004

> and instantly, and also enable the readers to interact with the report
> in a more lively manner by asking questions about the report.  Every
> subscriber gets a fair chance to report his observations and opinions
> also, and mailing lists are more open and archived.  Since a more direct
> and better way of dissemination of news and views is available, should
> we focus more on inviting more people to join our mailing lists?

We should try to bring more people to the list. 

Regarding journalists what i find is that they dont really understand
technology. Educating journalists can really help us. If we educate them
before others then there is better chance that they will talk of our
side. They can help us a lot, once convinced, so should try to get them
in our side. 


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