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Ramanraj K ramanraj@md4.vsnl.net.in
Mon Aug 23 21:48:05 IST 2004

   Bharathi S wrote:

 >>Also we should send an invitation to all Dailies. Hindu and express
 >>are must. Also, we shoud request them to send one of their reporters
 >>to our festival and to publish in the Engagements column. People
 >>should know something happening.
 >Getting Dailies attention is very difficult. When we(ILUGC) contacted
 >the LDD, we send the invitation to the most of Dailies and FM Radios
 >in Chennai. But No response :)
 >May be Joe can send the invitation thru his college PRO/Admin.
These days, business considerations seem to weigh over issues of real
value to public.  The latest information and happenings in the free
software movement are certainly news worthy.  Probably we need to invite
the press well in advance, even meet the editor with requests to send in
reporters, may be even write elaborate press releases. It would be worth
while to write to the vernacular press, whose coverage of news is
generally more lively and relevant. Local weekly newspapers like "Adayar
Times" or "Anna Nagar Times" could help in a better way, because they
are distributed free of cost locally.

One more issue: Recently, I had the occasion to observe "reporting"
about events that unfolded right before my eyes by the Hindu and
Express, and felt that much of what was reported as "news" should be
taken in with caution.  Misleading reports, inflammatory leads,
contorsion of facts, propaganda, editorialization with strong bias,
unfair lop sided views with serious shortcomings, incorrect headings and
more worrying content seem to find their way into leading newspapers.
  There is no way we can ask for more details about a particular report
directly from the reporter.  There is a "real estate" limitation, and
editors can easily reject our views, opinions. RMS recently wrote the
need to report without violating fundamental rules of

If, newspapers could report about our activities, well and good.  But,
it is better to ask people to join the mailing lists in large numbers,
so that our views could reach a large number of people  more directly
and instantly, and also enable the readers to interact with the report
in a more lively manner by asking questions about the report.  Every
subscriber gets a fair chance to report his observations and opinions
also, and mailing lists are more open and archived.  Since a more direct
and better way of dissemination of news and views is available, should
we focus more on inviting more people to join our mailing lists?

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