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Is this report accurate? If so, what would be the way out?  FN

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Linux-Based Desktops Fail to Excite the Market

By Swapna Khanna
Delhi, January 31, 2003

LG's Linux-based 'My PC' hasn't been getting very encouraging results from
the the metro market. But ditto has been the case with other vendors who
launched Linux-based PCs.

Manikandan, deputy general manager, LG Electronics India said, "We have not
been getting very encouraging response for our Linux-based 'My PC' in the
metros, whereas the response has been a little better in the upcountry

"One reason could be because the upcountry market is more open to new
things," he explained. "The second reason is obviously, the low awareness of
Linux, and users' comfort level with other operating systems".

According to Kapil wadhwa, who is the director of Champion Computers, "We
have been using Windows since the last 10-12 years. So how can you expect
somebody to simply start using Linux overnight when it has no visibility at

"In India, acceptability for Linux is still to come about and it will take
some time before the end user is comfortable with it," he said.

Wadhwa said that it is only after educational institutes begin teaching
Linux, that users will begin feeling comfortable with it.

"However, our technical staff tries to handle basic Linux queries from
customers. But more has to be done to create some kind of visibility," he

Meanwhile, Esys Distribution, the company which launched the ePC kit, is
planning to conduct training programs to educate end users.

G S Paul, CEO, Esys Distribution said, "Our channel partners will help us.
They will supply us a list of buyers of Linux-based ePCs and we plan to
organize a training program for them".

"A person is habituated to using a particular operating system. But if you
show them value for using Linux, they will definitely buy it," said Paul.

"I believe some government sectors are beginning to train their employees in
Linux. Also, a few educational institutions have begun to impart Linux
knowledge. It will take some time before it gains some visibility and helps
us push our Linux-based PCs in the market," said Manoj Kumar of Champion

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