[Fsf-friends] Need URLs of useful Free Software to download

FN fred@bytesforall.org
Sun, 2 Feb 2003 12:06:50 +0530 (IST)

My friends have fat pipes to the Internet. They have offered to download
useful distros / collections of Free Software. My own plan is to encourag
the building up of 'CD Repositories' in Indian cities and towns, that can
then help to efficiently share such CDs among those who don't have speedy
connections to the Internet.

What I badly need from you is: a set of URLs from where my friends could
download the distros / software collections. Do send in a brief, one-para
description of what the site contains, why it is a good distro, etc.

We are also looking out specifically for educational software, Free
Software for kids, tools for professionals (e.g. doctors, scientists),
Free Software for the Windows platform (to convince those more reluctant
to shift over), and also user-friendly distros.

Thank you very much in advance. Let's make Free Software into what it
really should be -- an effective mechanism for the transfer of knowledge
to the Third World! Your help is needed... FN
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