[Fsf-friends] Re:[Flags]

psk psk" <praveenskhan@rediffmail.com
15 Oct 2002 15:27:28 -0000

Khuzaima A. Lakdawala wrote :
   >No need to formalize it with "rules" etc. You
   >will probably get caught up in your own
   >mini-bureaucracy :) Isn't FSF India enough of a
   >formal organisation to work under? Why add another
   >layer of formality with "official rules" etc?

The idea is not about adding a new layer of formality. The 
formalization was just saying about the things for the groups to 
work in the FsF (Actually both in and out in the Internet). The 
FORMAL was the only word that can be used at that place. It was 
about the activities of FsF itself. Just acting and working in 
local areas which will help the FsF india.
  (Something similar to FsF and FsF-India. See India is a wide 

   >Just do what you want to do in as informal a
   >manner as possible. When you do need an
   >"official" banner, the banner of FSF India is
   >enough. You don't need another one.

Flag is not another one but FsF itself (FsF Local Activists 
Groups). It will/should contain all the ideas of FsF and FsF only. 
It should not contain anything that hurts freedom.
Why can't it be started as a sub group using a sub-domain in the 
FsF India and talk the Freedom locally? See there are problems of 
Freedom in each local stations.

How will others consider about a talk of the political matter 
which promotes the propritory stuff. (for eg. In Kerala the IT 
Kerala mission can use the Freedom stuff to save a lot of money 
with the government and in Kollam (a local place in Kerala) the 
mayor can talk with the Flag for using GNU for the local use. Hope 
s/he can't arrage a meeting with FsF india)

When it comes to some matter which includes outside locality too 
let Flags refer FSF-India. Classification is something like 
dividing the batch of students in a school into different 

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