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psk psk" <praveenskhan@rediffmail.com
15 Oct 2002 14:57:47 -0000

Vinay Pawar wrote :
  >I think the idea of free software should sink in
  >to peoples minds.

  Rightly said pawar. The idea of Free Software should be in the 
minds of believers. But as anything else there should be some one 
to talk about it.Only because there are a few percentage of the 
total community of Developers know what the stuff FsF* is.
   The main problem is there is no official topics in the normal 
cource of study for any computer student or developer to know 
about FsF. A developer can live his entire life without knowing 
about FsF and can use FsF products..( Sorry that's the case in 
India Now)
   Another problem is a developer or student who wants to know 
about some GNU stuff have no place to go for 
information..(bandwidth problem will block him from living in 

  >Forcing it in by a "Activists Group"
  >wouldn't help,

Right.... Never force someone to believe in a philosophy.. But the 
ideas can be given to the air and let others smell it..

  >instead might be counter-productive.
  >All that needs to be done is that every LUG in the
  >country should have atleast one FSF representative.

It's the way.. The Flags* and the current LUG's are the same 
except in two things.
1)Flags will be saying the ethics too
2)Flags will contain other GNU lovers also than GNU/Linux.. (other 
OS's such as GNU/Hurd and similar BSD stuff and etal.)

  >I might've suggested this before. It works. It has
  >worked for us at the Pune GNU/Linux Users Group.
  >Noticed on multiple ocassions as the most active
  >and coolest User Group in the country.
  >Almost all of the "flag" activities could/should be
  >done at existing User Groups. It should be understood
  >by the LUG's that Linux(yes, i mean the kernel)
  >wouldn't have gone very far if it wouldn't be under
  >the GPL.
  >Vinay Pawar

there should not be any competetion between the existing LUG's and 
Flags. It'll be better to convert the LUGS in the Flag way. 
Something like start  Flags where there are no LUGS and let the 
LUGs come in the Flag way (don't bother about the names but the 


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