[Fsf-friends] Re: LINK: Open domain software meet

Arun M arun@freedevelopers.net
12 Oct 2002 14:39:10 +0530

> Open Domain Software Movement has gained momentum in recent years. Open
> software is increasingly viewed as a panacea to the digital divide and a
> means of providing cost effective e-governance. 
> Many countries are ready to exploit the benefits of Open Source software
> by framing policies encouraging the use of open source
> software wherever possible. Open software are usually copyrighted or
> copylefted. While they are generally freely distributable,
> there are certain redistribution and reusability guidelines that require
> the attention of every user of that software. 

I was just wondering, in India, do we really have 'Open Source
Movement', less a 'Open Domain Software Movement'.  

What is the role of Open Source Movement !!! 

Is it really a Movement or just a 'mask' some people wanted, to further
their commercial interest ? 

I think Fred's interview with Rishab Aiyer, gives some idea.

In the developer survey (part 4), one interesting result was, despite
the adoption of the term "open source" among most of the media and
support structure (e.g., O'Reilly, Slashdot, Sourceforge), developers
themselves identify with the term free software by a huge margin. 

It tells who dont wants to say Free Software, its not Developer nor the