[Fsf-friends] need a summary comparison of MS vs linux

akr!linux-delhi.org@linux-delhi.org akr@linux-delhi.org
Thu, 10 Oct 2002 01:13:38 -0400

i need a quick and short summary comparison of MS versus Linux (or open
source) deployment=2E i know that there could be several (google searchabl=
sites that i can troll=2E but if any of you have a ready document, or can
point to the right website or url, i would be very grateful=2E basically t=
document should describe in short and non-technical language, the
cost-benefit analysis, the non-monetary benefits, and long term vs short
term implications of using open source/free software, as against
proprietary software like MS=2E

thanks in advance,

ajit ranade=2E

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