[Fsf-friends] SMALL GRANTS: Need resources to write Free Software?

Mahesh T Pai paivakil@vsnl.net
Wed, 09 Oct 2002 18:11:16 +0530

Well, "public domain" is the anti-thesis of GPL.  It is certainly not
"free" as the term is used in the GPL.  The appropriate translation in
most languages for "free" as used in the GPL is "swatantra".  As we
all know, "swatantrata" does not come "sowjanya".

I feel that the people making the grants have to decide (they have
the right to dictate) and, preferably, insist, that the s/w should be
released under the GPL.  Otherwise, the grants are likely to be
appropriated towards non-free uses later on.

Please clarify.

Frederick Noronha wrote:

  > Sarai/CSDS, a Delhi-based research network that realises the
potential of
  > Free/Open Source software, is offering a limited number of small
grants (in
  > three categories of under Rs 10,000; Rs 10-30,000; and Rs
30,000-60,000) for
  > those willing to write socially-useful programmes and put these out
in the
  > public domain.
  > Ownership of these programs will remain with its writer(s), under the
  > GNU/GLP or similar suitable licence. But the coders will undertake
to widely
  > distribute and make available their work to those who desire to 
use the
  > same, in the interest of promoting Free Software/Open Source in India.

If the intention is ensuring public benefit in the long term, it has
to be the GPL. OSD compliance, and OSI certified licenses are, well,
compromises.  Guess that I can say that with some authority, for I
have been watching the Free Vs. OSD debate for some time now.  Whether
it is the GPL or mere OSD compliance or both, make it clear in the
terms of grant, otherwise, there would be problems in the future.

Mahesh T Pai.null